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Deep Purple
Now What ?

2 x 12'' - Edel


vinyl classics / pop / rock / vocal
Großbritannien - 26.04.2013

 a1 A Simple Song

 a2 Weirdistan

 a3 Out Of Hand

 b1 Hell To Pay

 b2 Bodyline

 b3 Above And Beyond

 c1 Blood From Stone

 c2 Uncommon Man

 c3 Apres Vous

 d1 All The Time In Th...

 d2 Vincent Price

 d3 It Will Be Me

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Deep Purple
The Now What ? Live Tapes 2x...

12'' - Edel


vinyl classics
Großbritannien - 29.11.2013

 a1 Strange Kind Of Wo...

 a2 Hard Loving Man

 a3 Vincent Price

 b1 Contact Lost

 b2 All The Time In Th...

 b3 No One Came

 c1 Bodyline

 c2 Perfect Stranger

 c3 Above And Beyond

 d1 Lazy

 d2 Black Night

 d3 Smoke On The Water

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