The Coming E.P. - Johannes Heil



Johannes Heil - The Coming E.P.
12'' - Metatron 001
techno / electro / techhouse
Deutschland - 20.12.2007

 a1 The Coming

 a2 Meta

 b1 Tronic

Metatron wants to present electronic music with soul, magic and a bit of mystery, which have the potential, to create pictures in the mind, taking you onto a journey into a world of emotions, places and spaces you have never been into before. From the view of a man being trapped into a place of a dark and dreamy distance, to the close look into the eyes of a pink elephant, anything can happen.This is what counts for us! Everything is..... what it is. Unique and powerful. because we are lovers. The first slugfest celebrates Johannes Heil who after establishing himself as one of the most creative Techno-Producers appearing on many labels such as JH-Records, Klang, Spielzeug, Uturn, Cocoon, Datapunk, Gigolo Records, Kanzleramt and many more, to unearth new evidences for powerful mystic techno. The journey starts with an E.P. which prophecies The Coming of a Metatronic age.

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