Fall Into Me - Fuckpony

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Fuckpony - Fall Into Me
12'' - Bpitch Control 208
techno / minimal / techhouse
Deutschland - 27.01.2010

 a1 Original Mix

 b1 Marco Passarani Remix

>Fall Into MeLet The Love Flow. The album title says it all - >Fall Into Me, yet catchy and full of energy - a free fall onto the worlds softest pillow. This is how house must sound to lovers. House with soul can be taken literally in this case, as Jay has called upon the expert support of Laila Tov and Chela Simone. The latterenjoys an international standing and has already lent her sublime, very unique voice to Kikis hit single >Good Voodoo. Here she combines inextricably with Jays compact sound aesthetic and makes >Fall Into Me.With its atmospheric intro and broad musical range, the original on the A-side sees a welcome reappearance of certain must-have features which will have the hairs on your neck standing up... The accompanying video was shotby Emmy nominee Daniel Michael Gahr with Chela Simone and Laila Tov in the woods of San Francisco. Marco Passarani has done the honours on the flip side. A workaholic from the eternal city of Rome, Marco is the linchpin of the Italian techno scene. He produces under the aliases Js Pool, Monomorph and Ambit 3 for the labels Skam, Hymen, Clone and Peacefrog, and also runs his own labels Plasmek, Pigna and Nature Records Marcos >Fall Into Me. However, he employs these stylistic elements very discreetly, retains beats, melody and vocals in his arrangement, takes out a little of the decorative padding from the album, then finally hits us with a wonderful, trancey eight-tone sequence to send us into the realm of dancefloor dreams for ever.

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