Luv Khord - Nikola Gala

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Nikola Gala - Luv Khord
12'' - Plastic City 084
house / deep / tech
Großbritannien - 18.11.2010

 a1 Luv Khord - Original Mix

 b1 Philter Khord - Original Mix

Nikola Gala has been producing for the past 10 years and received big attention during the years 2004-2005 by the music industry for the release of the track >Swing 2 Harmony< along with the Perasma band. At the same time he produced some well respected tracks which found home on labels like Deep Records, Intrinsic, Fokused, Sprout Music, Precinct, Renaissance, Lost Language Audio Therapy and now also on Plastic City again.

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  a1 Hold It

  b1 Juice

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