Fancy Romance - Glocal

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Glocal - Fancy Romance
12'' - Kassette 012
house / acid / deep / disco / funky
Deutschland - 16.12.2010

 a1 Original Mix

 a2 Click Click Remix

 b1 Jimmy Edgar Remix

 b2 Instrumental

incl Remixes by Jimmy Edgar & Click Click !! Big with: Mathias Schaffhäuser, Niko Schwind, Dirty Doering, Shir Khan, M_Ferri, Noreuil, Dj Glen, Sven Jozwiak, Sebastian Wilck, Microbodies, Renato Patriarca, Jitzu, Roberto Perotti, Berlin Mite Institut and many more…. This vinyl features a groovy 80s/ disco smasher from KASSETTEs new discovery GLOCAL from Sao Paulo (Brazil). Lennox and Dani focus on a hooky bassline, with a whiff of acid and super catchy vocals. As a bonus Detroits wunderkind JIMMY EDGAR (Warp/ Items & Things) and Berlins CLICK CLICK (Kassette) add two remixes to this mindblowing release. JIMMY EDGAR delivers a really hypnotic deep house mix with a whiff of 90s flavour while label head CLICK | CLICK focuses on a funky minimal/ disco groove.

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