Disco Galaxy - Seb Skalski Feat. E.B.A.S.

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Seb Skalski Feat. E.B.A.S. - Disco Galaxy
12'' - Purple 106
house / disco / vocal
Schweiz - 09.03.2011

 a1 Seb Skalski Main Mix

 b1 Seb`s Dub Mix

 b2 Outer Space Mix

After his great debut on Purple Music in 2010 with >Better Way< feat. Barry Solone, Seb Skalski is back with an incredible disco influenced production. Recorded with a 15 head band >The Easy Band Allstars<, this is what we call music made with love as it was use to be! Seb Skalkis future is in good hands and he is on the right way to be the next shining star in the music world. Enjoy!!!

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