La Bella Bella - Ping

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Ping - La Bella Bella
12'' - Villa Bambao Ltd 990
house / deep / funky / tech
Deutschland - 21.06.2011

 a1 Original Mix

 b1 Jamy Wing Remix

Summer, Sun and Ping! For 8 weeks, it has not rained, a constant 30 degrees day and night and again this track. In this year s summer Ping! (Leutral Rec.) offers a small soft organs House number. La Bella Bella is the name of the track and promises not only a beautiful woman with an elegant swing of the hips on the dance floor. Jamy Wing (Sonido / Einmaleins / Finebeatz) shakes the appropriate Remix-Cocktail with sun-ripened fruits from percussions and matching reduction.

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