Tigiara - Doppelt Gemoppelt

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Doppelt Gemoppelt - Tigiara
12'' - Schallbox 008
techno / minimal / techhouse
Deutschland - 22.08.2011

 a1 Original Mix

 a2 Monoromm & Atapy RMX

 b1 Nils Ohrmann RMX

 b2 Steve Cole Remix

Schallbox sends his latest release into the race and for that the gentlemen of Doppelt Gemoppelt admit responsibility. In the original, it rattles and hisses only the way in the rhythm entablature, a blessed onefinger- chord acts as kerosene in the sound-tank and the resilient little background melodies create together with the interspersed vocal fragments, a deep and tragic scene which brings every in themself sunken dancefloor in vibrations.

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