What A Woman Needs - Samanta Fox

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Samanta Fox - What A Woman Needs
12'' - Einmaleins 061
house / chicago / deep / tech
Deutschland - 05.10.2011

 a1 What A Woman Needs

 b1 What A Woman Needs - The Swift Remix

The first official release by the Berlin duo, Samanta Fox aka Daniel Frank Gizzie III and Jean-daniel Tömör. They hold a residency in Berlins famed Salon - Zur wilden Renate where they do their bi-weekly Whiskey Tango Foxtrott night. Prior to being involved in Samanta Fox, Jean-daniel was known as Lazymouth with his partner Thomas Tietz. What A Woman Needs is the foxy duos first step into the production world together and encompasses what the boys to convey in their eclectic, yet forward thinking DJ sets. A TR-808 tom driven bass-line and ghostly strings move the track along while a 909 high hat/kick drum combo keep the rhythm flowing.The B-side is a remix by The Swift. The Swift is also one of Renates residents and his bi-monthly Voyage Voyage night brings a premium list of emerging artists to the Berlin club scene. Witness His Swiftness take the foxs A-side to another level of house. A floor burner for sure.

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