Drowned With Lies - Chube Ka

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Chube Ka - Drowned With Lies
12'' - Intacto 037
techno / deep / techhouse
Belgien - 01.12.2011

 a1 Drowned With Lies

 b1 Give You Back - Vocal Mix

Still relatively new on the production scene we are happy to welcome a fresh injection of new talent CHUBE.KA to Intacto records.
DROWNED WITH LIES: Expressive and expansive. Drums create the depth while the high hats spark to create a thick, rich rhythm undercurrent. A rich playground of subtle effects combined with the spoken word that inspires the track title – makes this one hell of a cool and sexy groove.
GIVE YOU BACK [VOCAL MIX]: Super-woofered muffled madness provides serious dance output that throbs relentlessly .. then the vocal duo soar in with their lovers tune.

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  b1 Bring It O...

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