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Sei A - Flux
12'' - Turbo 115
techno / electro
Kanada - 02.02.2012

 a1 Flux - Martyns Electromagnetic Mix

 b1 Break The Patter

 b2 Flux

Whereas Frozen Flower marked his most delicate and emotive release to date, the latest EP from Sei A snaps things back onto a futuristic grid of bass-driven club madness. Break the Pattern is a techno zap-fest featuring a killer hook, precision, laser-cut drums and a rough, rolling groove.
Flux blends retro video game sounds with vocal samples, laid out against a psychedelic cha-cha rhythm. This one received early support from Martyn who - fresh off his LP release - weighs in with one of his strongest and most playable remixes in recent memory, driving the 8-bit riff into a frenzy, backed by iron-clad beats bouncing atop a megaton sub.. Guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this one!
With this release, Sei A continues his evolution into one of the most promising talents on the UK scene, reinterpreting the best elements of modern dance music to create a unique and versatile voice.

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