Tiefblau - Smalltown Collective

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Smalltown Collective - Tiefblau
12'' - Schallbox 012
techno / techhouse
Großbritannien - 04.09.2012

 a1 Original Mix

 a2 DJ Roi RMX

 b1 David Keno RMX

As re-mixers, they have already made two fine contributions to Schallbox-releases, now they finally get their own track on the Swiss label. 12 most definetly belongs to the Smalltown Collective!
The name of the track is Tiefblau and it speaks for itself: you are transported by a pushing, bass-generated pressure capsule down along a hypnotic groove line and into a deep blue ocean. The Smalltown Collective really exploit the merits of the acoustic stage here, pulling together a compelling and diverse set of notes and tones carefully arranged to amount to a track you just cant shake.
In his interpretation, DJ Le Roi stays true and to the deepest blue dive atmosphere of Tiefblau, yet manages to make it completely his own. Unmistakably Tieflblau, unmistakably Le Roi.
The page logo belongs to Berlin-based producer David Keno, whos signature lies in lacing floor-oriented beats with a distinct melodic aspect. With his unique and secret recipe, Keno tweaks/ treats this track as he does with so many stomping house tracks with a laid-back vibe. Guaranteed to work on any dance floor in the world!

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