Kraze It 1989 - Siliccon Grooves

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Siliccon Grooves - Kraze It 1989
12'' - Sonido 017
techno / techhouse
Großbritannien - 20.09.2012

 a1 Kraze It 1989 - Original Mix

 a2 Kraze It 1989 - George G Version 2 Remix

 b1 Kraze It 1989 - George G Version 1 Remix

big with: Richie Hawtin, Acid Pauli, Dj Sneak, Davide Squillace, M.A.N.D.Y., Valentino Kanzyani, Robert Dietz, Pig & Dan, Chris Wood, Melon, Martin Landsky,, Gorge, Ernesto Ferreyra, Dudley Strangeways, Mr Statik,... this is the first release of siliccon groovees, the new Member of the sonido posse. the story of the tracks is about a group of young men who visit a house party in chicago for the first time in 1989..and this event is also presented by george g (desolat , cecille) in two different sound prospects....enjoy..

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